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If you are a conservative and buy in all these political smearing the liberals for foreign influence and completely throw away our key value of democracy, the rule of law just because you hate Trudeau. Please unfollow me.

@Arturmaks @TorontoStar @handongontario @aballinga @andrewphil @csiscanada @CPC_HQ @CdnHumanRights @bccla @caj @KenSimCity @RealAndyLeeShow @DavidHTWong Why isn't #cdnmedia following up with @BradWestPoco? He was paid very well to lobby for a US labour union, a foreign interest, while serving as a municipal pol. @scoopercooper @robertfife @stevenchase @acoyne @camrclark @bobmackin @global_bassett @jsource

@Arturmaks @TorontoStar @handongontario @aballinga @andrewphil @csiscanada "Foreign Interference" applies only to "The Chinese". Nothing about American, European, Indian, Israeli, etc.
Only ethnic Chinese folks are suspect, potential 5th columnists. @cpc_hq @cdnhumanrights @bccla @caj @kensimcity @RealAndyLeeShow @DavidHTWong 2/

@Arturmaks @TorontoStar Important debate: Security vs Right to Know. Also important:
- the rights of those put under a cloud. If @handongontario is innocent, #Canada is now under mob rule with #cdnmedia as witchhunter
- #Chinese scapegoating as new norm
@aballinga @andrewphil @csiscanada 1#cdnpoli 1/

@VictorY_Wong @charliesmithvcr If @handongontario is innocent, #Canada shld be worried over how #cdnmedia has become a lynch mob. Guilty with no presumption of innocence.
Also, the focus on foreign interference is entirely about #Chinese. Nothing on other countries. Inevitably, it's been racialized. #cdnpoli

卑诗省人权专员在疫情期间仇恨事件调查报告中未有谴责主流媒体 @KennyZhanh @AW19841 @Wendy_Yuan @LennyNanZhou @ivanpak8

Elimin8Hate向人权专员作证时指出不负责任报道产生反亚裔情绪 @ivanpak8 @KennyZhanh @AW19841 @LennyNanZhou @janwalls @jameswangbcnndp @xiaobeiC

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